• Charlsie McDaniel

Quinmesters: A Year Round School Schedule

For years, there has been a lot of talk, arguing, and freaking out on the topic of year round school schedules (sometimes referred to as year around school schedules). In this blog, I hope to clear up some confusion about the main concern of year round school AND provide a year round schedule that can easily be used in YOUR school.

First, let's get the negative out of the way, and discuss the most common concern people have when the topic of year round school is brought up.

Breaks for teachers and students.

Many people immediately think, "What about the school breaks? That's when we go on vacation!" or "I need my summer vacation for sanity!"

I get it! I have been there and completely understand the exhaustion students and teachers face. I know how ready they are to get their much deserved break. However, there are underlying issues that cause this exhaustion and mental fatigue that requires a break.

I'm not going to go into depth on those issues here (be on the lookout for more blogs that cover these topics). These underlying energy suckers include: lack of resources, outdated/incomplete/inappropriate curriculum, too many expectations, busy work, over testing, unrealistic expectations, not enough breaks throughout the day, etc. (See my blog Play is not good in the classroom...It's Great! for ways to include mental breaks throughout the day.)

When these underlying issues are corrected, then students and teachers can begin to function within their natural power at a consistent rate, instead of desperately needing breaks throughout the year.

Another important thing to note is that year round school does not have to mean that breaks are taken away. Year round school simply means there is not a large gap between one year and the next. However, there ca